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Courvoisier Cooler

A refreshing mixture of Courvoisier VS Cognac, cloudy apple juice, fiery ginger beer and crisp lime wedges, served long and fresh over cubed ice.

Latest News

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  • Courvoisier Collective 2012: Student Chef Finalists

  • Courvoisier Collective 2012 - Culinary Masterpieces Finalist Event

  • Chef Michael Kirkwood - TURF Lounge (Courvoisier Collective Judge)

  • Chef Ben Heaton - The Grove (Courvoisier Collective Judge)

  • Chef J.P. Challet - Ici Bistro (Courvoisier Collective Judge)

  • Courvoisier VIP Exclusif Mixology (extended)

  • Courvoisier Exclusif Mixiology Event

  • #Nightcap

  • N is for Napoleon, whose initial is the hero of our L'Essence de Courvoisier

  • And on the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me... some truffles and #VS... so lovely! #travel #holidays #cognac #giftguide

  • Toast to the holiday season with Courvoisier #party #toast #happyholidays #Courvoisier

  • Flying home for the holidays? Pick up a bottle of Courvoisier Extravagance, exclusive to travel retail! #gift #Courvoisier #travel #holidays

  • This is what we call centuries of #InteriorDesign

  • Some things get better with age: our XO blend is proof -- aged between 25-30 years

  • Lights. Camera. #VSOP.

  • The perfect accompaniment to music.

  • This #tbt is reserved for marking 31 years since we were awarded the Prestige de la France - marking #Courvoisier cognac as the highest in quality.

  • We're selecting the finest wood to create the barrels to age our #Courvoisier cognac. How old do you think this tree was?

  • #WeekendCountdown

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