Our Château

Built by our founders Felix Courvoisier and Jules Gallois in the 1840s, our magnificent Château is our home and headquarters to this day. It is here that our rarest and most precious cognacs are housed in the secretive Paradis cellar and Patrice Pinet, our Master Blender, conducts daily nosing and tasting sessions with his tasting team.

Our Paradis cellar

Our very oldest and most prized Courvoisier vintages are housed in what used to be a secret and very separate private cellar called 'Paradis', located in the depths of the Courvoisier Chateau. Created during the 19th century and enriched year after year by different Master Blenders, our Paradis cellar has our most precious and ancient cognacs stored in bottles and demi-johns dating back to Napoleonic times. Paradise indeed.

Our Master Blender

Much like the 'nose' in parfumerie, Patrice and his tasting team meet every day to nose and taste all the eaux-de-vie destined for a particular blend. They spend hours analysing the unique complexities of flavour and aromas to ensure they match the signature taste and style of the marque they're after. And they don't stop until they're unanimously agreed it's perfect.

Our blending

The job of blending these eaux-de-vie is like conducting a symphony orchestra, with each cognac offering a different aromatic note. Once each individual eau-de-vie has been chosen by Patrice and our dedicated tasting team for a specific marque, the blending begins in earnest. This period before bottling is affectionately known as 'le marriage', where the various component cognacs come together in conjugal bliss. Some blends, like those destined for our Courvoisier XO, which have been previously aged for between 20 and 35 years, can spend up to three years getting to know each other better before we bottle them.

Our revolutionary bottles

It started with our Josephine bottle in 1951. Named after Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife, the introduction of our iconic and seductively smooth bottle revolutionized how cognac was perceived. Since then, we've continued to innovate with our bottles. Our VSOP Exclusif was crafted to better fit into the hand of mixologists; our L'Essence de Courvoisier bottle is hand-sculpted Baccarat crystal suspended in a gold frame, inspired by Napoleon's signet ring; our L'Esprit de Courvoisier came in individually numbered Lalique crystal decanters; and we've continued to create unique limited edition bottles in association with iconic artists, like Erté and Vivienne Westwood.

Our eaux-de-vie

Cognac is a living, breathing product. Over the years, our eaux-de-vie is in permanent contact with the oak casks, a natural interaction that gives our cognac its rich colour and exquisitely complex bouquet. To be legally called cognac, our eaux-de-vie must be aged for a minimum of two and a half years, but as each additional year increases its richness, the youngest eaux-de-vie we use is between four and seven years old for our Courvoisier VS.

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