How to Enjoy


Despite being enjoyed mixed for centuries, Cognac is conventionally thought of as a neat serve - allowing its rich and complex notes to be fully enjoyed without compromise.

Enjoying Cognac is an intimate pleasure - and everyone will have their own preferred serve and rituals, but here our Master Blender, Patrice Pinet offers his three tips to enjoy Courvoisier neat;

  • Not all glasses are equal

    Few people know how the shape of different glasses can affect the aroma and flavor of the cognac itself. I prefer a snifter glass to a traditional brandy balloon. Its unique shape ensures the complex aromas in the cognac congregate at the top of the glass.

  • Taste with your nose

    You may ask why aroma is so important to us? Simply because it is so important to you. Around 75% of what we taste is actually its aroma. Put simply, a more aromatic cognac is a finer cognac, which is why we take great care to nurture aromas throughout the production process of our cognac.

  • Patience is a virtue

    Your Courvoisier cognac has aged for anywhere between 4 and 100 years. Over this time aroma compounds are created and released that react with each other and the natural oak cask around them. These aromas, which get more concentrated and refined over the years, stay dissolved in the cognac until they can escape into the air. After pouring, give your cognac time to interact with the air to fully release these complex aromas before you taste - I like to call this 'The Minute Mystique'.


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