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We only use Ugni Blanc grapes from the four finest crus of the six in the Cognac region, each with their own unique terroir and micro climate, grown by wine growers we’ve worked with for up to five generations to create our superior eaux-de-vie.


Our meticulous attention to detail extends to which type of fine grained oak tree we select, the length of time we toast our wood for and the way we painstakingly handcraft our casks to our own exacting standards to ensure our eaux-de-vie age in the best possible way.


Our insistence on using traditional distillation techniques, like double distillation in small Alembic Charentais copper pot stills and distilling with the lees, gives our eaux-de-vie even greater depth and complexity. Our distiller then takes the best part of each distillation, called the ‘bonne chauffe’ or good heat, which is now ready for ageing.


he way we age our eaux-de-vie over the years, decades and even centuries is crucial to the quality of the final cognac. Cognac is a living breathing product, interacting with the oak it’s ageing in and the air around it, so it can be affected by anything from our warehouses’ earth floors to our revolutionary upright cask storage system.


Our Master Blender and his team spend hours analysing the unique complexities of flavour and aroma from 1000s of aged cognacs. He then blends them together for up to three years to create each distinct and unique Courvoisier marque before housing them in their own unique and distinct bottles.

Courvoisier® Cognac and Liqueur, 18-40% alc./vol. Courvoisier Import Company, Deerfield, IL USA

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