Patrice Pinet

Patience is a quality vital to any craftsman and no one understands this more pertinently than Courvoisier’s Master Blender, Patrice Pinet. Pinet is at the very heart of Courvoisierʼs alchemy, the person responsible for safeguarding its position as the worldʼs finest and most aromatic cognac.

It is he who ensures inimitable consistency in this precious liquid year after year, a near impossible and behemoth task which involves orchestrating the menagerie of aromas and flavours from each season’s vintages to conclude in a harmonious fusion of consistent cognacs. Under Pinetʼs stewardship, Courvoisier is the only major cognac house to control the entire process; from grape to glass he showers unrivaled care and dedication on every stage Courvoisierʼs genesis.

Having been part of the Tasting Committee for over 23 years prior to becoming Master Blender, Patrice personifies the obsessive attention to detail and personal drive for perfection which lies at the heart of Courvoisier. Together with his dedicated Tasting Team, he personally selects every eau-de-vie for each cognac, bringing this symphony of tasting notes together to bond harmoniously in a process known affectionately as ʻ‘le marriageʼ’ – the spark that ignites their alchemy.

A true artist, Patrice worked closely with Courvoisierʼs previous Master Blender prior to taking up this prestigious mantle, devoting his time to learning the subtleties and nuances of each individual eau-de-vie, the better to conduct and nurture their interactions.

The pinnacle of Courvoisier’s portfolio, L’Essence de Courvoisier, was the legacy of Pinetʻs apprenticeship under Jean-Marc Olivier. This liquid masterpiece is a true taste of luxury, a sublime and precious harmony of extremely rare eaux-de-vie spanning back across the last two centuries which embodies the spirit of Courvoisier itself, uniquely capturing the tradition, passion and innovation of this cognac house.

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