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Posted 16 Dec 2011

The Wired Upgrade Series with Courvoisier presents ‘Reinventing Capitalism’

December 7th marked the hotly anticipated finale of this year’s Wired Upgrade Series with Courvoisier, ‘Reinventing Capitalism’.

To finish our year-long partnership with influential technology magazine Wired UK, we hosted an exclusive event which saw Executive Editor of Wired, Greg Williams, chair a lively and passionate panel discussion. Speakers debated with each other and the audience on topics ranging from the failure of the banks to European fiscal crisis, asking why it happened, how we can institute meaningful change and where we go from here.

Guests were welcomed by an interactive wall filled with Wired’s 25 economic, technological and political Big Ideas for 2012. Debate raged as attendees were invited to vote for which predicted trend they thought would make the biggest impact in 2012, choosing from movements such as Crowd Restoration and Open-Sourced Construction. It was Epigenetics, however, that finally clinched the title – and by a considerable margin!

In the adjoining room, guests discovered Wired’s Test and Fetish section brought to life, with exciting technological innovations on display from coffee makers and megaphones to telescopes and rockets. Also in place was the Courvoisier Confessions Booth, where attendees were encouraged to confess their monetary sins and be rewarded with a cocktail.

Guests then took their seats for three fascinating presentations from the speakers, each of whom came from a completely different stance. Dennis Turner, Chief Economist for HSBC, Doug Richard, ex-Dragons’ Den and Californian entrepreneur, and Tony Greenham, Head of Finance at the New Economics Foundation, spoke passionately about the current financial climate, discussing who was to blame for our recession, and offering insightful ideas for our future recovery.

With Doug Richard declaring that Twitter acts as the new board of directors, holding companies to account in an age of increasing transparency, questions were opened up to the floor, and guests quickly joined the speakers in a heated, and at times controversial, debate until the close of the evening.


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