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Posted 25 Jul 2011

The Wired Upgrade with Courvoisier presents ‘Future of Music’

July 20th saw the second in our series of the Wired Upgrade collaboration with tech magazine Wired UK.

The exclusive event was an interactive evening of performances and discussions around the Future of Music with informed speculation on where music is headed.

It all started with a weird and wonderful performance from Sarah Angliss who trained in electroacoustics, music and robotics and specialises in creating original sound installations, exhibits and live performances that mix cutting-edge technology with curious or vintage sound equipment and little known stories from the history of science.

This was followed by another incredible performance from Imogen Heap who having previously experimented with wireless lapel microphones on her wrists made music with gadget-packed gloves controlling the sounds with her hands and transforming herself as a human synthesizer.

Imogen then joined the panel moderated by Charlie Burton, Wired Associate Editor who interviewed Bjork on the August issue and also featuring Michael Breidenbrucker, creator of and Paul Smirnicki, Director of Digital at Universal Music. They discussed the pro’s and cons of modern technology on today’s music industry, which made for a fascinating and enjoyable night.

The discussion ended with a performance from Reactable Live and some showcases including the fascinating Eigenharp.

To watch the nights performances and see some of the fascinating debates, click here and let us know your thoughts on the CourvoisierUK Facebook page

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